Animal Readings and Communication

Many years ago whilst my lovely clients were having their own reading, they have asked me if I can do readings for the pet photos that they bring to me, often dogs and horses.  I now offer this service to all my customers as a separate reading so that I can concentrate on the information available from your pet.  These readings would be from photos of the animal emailed to me with questions.  The pets can be living or sadly passed away.  Animals speak in a very matter of fact way so I am offering short readings for £23 which will be sent to you by email. I have read for my clients Donkeys, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Rats, Sheep, Cows and would be  happy to be challenged to read for any animal.

I have been honoured to have the opportunity to read for many people's beloved pets both living or in spirit and am able to both ask them questions and communicate with them where it might enable your Pet to have a better quality of life.  Please do not hesitate to ask me if I can help your animal.

This amount has recently risen, my apologies, but the short readings are actually often now very detailed!

Booking Information

To book your reading I would need a photo sent to my email - preferably a full side view of the animal with just yourself or their usual handler in the photo so I can concentrate on them.  I would then need your questions for the animal, for a very general reading, you wouldn't need a question but if you have specific issues you need help with,please take time to think about finding the right questions to get your answer.  You would be surprised how many humans worry about issues with their animals, that they don't even notice, because they aren't worried about them at all!  It is my job to bring them up and try and be an enabling voice between them and you working out what would help you both!

I will always confirm receipt of monies and photos and questions, if you havent received a reply within 48 hours email me again please or ring me as the information occasionally floats off into cyberspace!


If you would like me to visit your pet and are within a 10 mile distance of Exmouth, I would be able to come and spend time chatting to them and finding answers to the questions and issues that you have.  The visits are usually 30/45 mins in duration and I would need to see the animal move and then have a secure, quiet and safe place to stand and chat.  Try to choose a time when the area is quiet as that will give the best chance for a successful and relaxed chat.

The readings are £30 plus mileage costs over 10 miles.

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